Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple, Minimal, Modern Thank You Cards

A set of thank you cards always comes in handy. I can't tell you how many times I wished I had a card in my desk drawer at my previous internship (or at least some scrap paper to craft a makeshift gift out of!). Get togethers and holidays creep up on us, and these minimal thank you card sets are great to craft ahead of time for whatever events may come your way.

While rainbow and pastel color schemes are fun, we all have those friends who prefer neutral tones. I think the gray and ivory scheme above is rather chic, and perfect for decorating. While these cards are simple, don't underestimate the time to measure, cut, fold and stamp. And leave some room for error: I've smudged ink and stamped crookedly too many times!

I embossed these kraft cards with black embossing powder to add a little a litte shine. I think the combination of the kraft paper with the sleek lettering looks delightfully modern. Happy I came up with this combination. Embossing powder, cardstock and a lot of patience! Embossing can be a bit of a hassle with the messy powder, but I seem to be getting better at it.