Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clear, Chunky Glitter!

In my 4th grade, I remember my class making holiday projects out of butcher paper. They were jumbo Christmas-themed items: a giant candy cane, a huge bow, a chubby Santa. We colored them in with markers and used glitter to accent our work. I remember being so incredibly excited to use the glitter, as were the other kids. However, the subsequent mess made by the glitter caused me to hate it. Throughout the rest of the year, we'd find glitter in every corner and and glitter worked deep into the classroom rug by dozens of little feet. My holiday project would shed glitter every time I'd move it from one storage bin in my house to another. My initial infatuation with these metallic sprinkles was replaced with frustration. From then on, I felt like once you used glitter, you'd never be able to escape it.

Fast-forward years later. I am now in my twenties and no-longer possess the clumsiness of a 9-year-old girl. Not to say that I'm no longer clumsy. I saw a couple projects online featuring chunky glitter and I was amazed that something I had learned to despise for so long, something that screamed messiness and gaudiness to me, could look so elegant. A few weeks ago, I purchased a jar of clear chunky glitter from Michael's. It's not iridescent or metallic; It's just plain, colorless glitter. I'm pretty careful and neat when I use it, and am happy to report that I have not inadvertently sprinkled glitter throughout my house this time!

I used it on the wooden snowflake prop in the above photo. I bought the wooden snowflake from Michaels, distressed the edges using Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Tea Die and then applied some glitter with Elmer's glue. The Elmer's glue really gives the glitter a thick base to adhere to (unlike a gluestick) and doesn't allow for much shedding of the glitter once the glue has dried. I love the effect the finished snowflake has and I think it photographed beautifully! 

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