Friday, September 9, 2011

Quilled Retirement Cards

A couple of friends at work were retiring, and since they've been great mentors to me as a graduate student intern, I couldn't let them leave us without giving them a token of gratitude. And for me, that token comes in the form of a handmade card! I had bought some quilling paper on and I had just let the packages sit around for a couple of weeks untouched. Usually, I can't wait to use my new craft supplies. I've mentioned before that quilling really tests my patience, but I enjoyed making these and was happy with the results.

For Linda, I knew I wanted to make something with coral pinks and oranges. She always wears coral shades and always has a coat of coral orange nail polish on her toes. She may be in her seventies, but she's still rocking those bright shades! For Vince, I opted for deeper shades, especially since we're heading into fall. I used Elmer's glue as my adhesive.

I hand-stamped their names using Inkadinkado alphabet stamps from the Somerset Set. I used Memento's dye ink, and I like the way it absorbed into the pearl-finish paper. The only thing I really dislike about these cards is the fact that when I erased the pencil line I had drawn to make the letters straight, it left a smudge that I couldn't get rid of. You can kind of see it in the photos, and I have since started using Post-It notes to make my straight lines. Overall, I really like the rich colors against the pearlized paper. Success!

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